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Our Story

Yoya Pitabar has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.


We are aware of the impact and influence nutrition has in your everyday life, how it affects every aspect of it, be it your mood, mental or physical state.


Our healthy, nutritional, handmade recipes promise to bring you all the energetic values you need daily. Like our puffy pitas, crispy falafel, smoothe creamy hummus, savory schawarma and tahini sauce.

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Our Specialties

Exceeding Your Expectations

Our open kitchen concept allows you to see us in action, preparing you all the deliciousness from scratch resulting in the perfect mix of Middle Eastern flavors and touch of colors that will trully tickle your appetite and trigger your taste for culinary discovery.

Our Crispy Falafel


Our falafel is boss. Forget about the precooked, packaged falafel. We make our hand crafted falafel the right way using only the freshest ingredients: chickpeas, onions, parsley, spices and herbs.

Our Creamy Hummus

hummus sababa new_edited.jpg

Our hummus is prepared daily with fresh cooked chickpeas and our very own tahini sauce. This protein rich bowl is a bomb of energy and nutriants.

Our Fine Schawarma

schawarma detail_edited.jpg

Our full of flavor chicken schawarma is prepared daily from fresh swiss poultry which we marinate with our own oriental spice blend and roast carefully for you.

Our Puffy Artisan Pita

pita dampf_edited.jpg

Have you ever touched a cloud?
These delicious and puffy pita clouds are made from scratch by our most skilled baker specially for you. Come by and have a taste of yumness.

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